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SOPHIED is a joint research and innovation initiative of 7 universities, 3 research centres and 16 SMEs across Europe that has as an objective the development of new, durable bio procedures for the European colour industry.


"Welcome to our website. You will find here various information's on our European scientific project as well as on the context of the industry that we focus: the dyestuff industry. We wish you a pleasant visit."   Sophie Vanhulle, project coordinator from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium .

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SOPHIED exhibits in Paris.

The "Proofs of Concept" dyed items developped by the Project have been presented at the "European Research and Innovation Exhibition" of Paris from June the 5th to the 7th.

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When science meets art

The collaboration of SOPHIED partners with a bio artist, Marta de Menezes is visible in the exhibition BIOS4: biotechnological and environmental art. Sevilla , Spain . 3 rd of May - 2 nd of September 2007.

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Thanks Sophie !

SOPHIED partners pay homage to Sophie Vanhulle for her courage, determination and human values shared throughout the project.
We are proud that the Sophied project has been classified as SUCCESS STORY by the European Commission in 2009.